Conference programme: Digitale Energiewelt 2017

Artificial intelligence and the blockchain technology is massively changing our way of life. New digital currencies like Ehter and Bitcoin are present and seeing growth, totally globalized and out of the state's hands. They are overall and nowhere - the bitcoin transaction world can be running on a system next to you in the subway.

Transparent and at the same time anonymous, applications like the electricity DAO are already changing the face of the energy world. Every facet of life is being influenced and new chances like never before are present today.

Artificial intelligence has entered residences and companies in the simplest of ways: Amazon's Alexa is gaining popularity, copies are being optimally formulated by machines and in the near future we can expect AI to synchronize load and generation of energy. Big Data has moved from hype to massive application.

The conference Digitale Energiewelt will touch the themes on the 5. and 6. September 2017 in Berlin shedding light on the most crucial aspects of digitalization in the new energy world. 

3. Blockchain-Tag für die Energiewelt - The Big Bang rolls on
Blockchain: A technology with enormous potential, still at its beginning but already making its presence felt by supporting school in Africa, via the electricity DAO with Grünstrom-Jetons or the near-electricity calculations. And thereby revolutionising structures and ways of thinking of the energy economy. Is the Blockchain a hype or will it establish itself in the energy economy?  What role will the Blockchain play in the digital energy market of today, tonorrow and the future? 

Blockchain-currencies: TheDAO run on the Blockchain. With purchases, one pays wth a currency that has no official standing but is neverthless, overall and yet not. Everything is protected and annonymous. Bitcoins worth keeps soaring - where is this growth heading? How quickly can these crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Grünstrom-Jeton become a mainstay for transactions in the energy world?