Energy Start-Up Networking 2017

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

18:00 hr

Start-ups for the new energy world and bringing their ideas to the public are our clear goals

Start-ups are the guarantee for new ideas and innovation forces in all segments. And who when not the energy sector can especially gain from this drive. The market needs a complete re-orientation, former opponents have become partners and new players can establish themselves in the market. And these are the people we want to bring together to move in the right direction towards a new energy world.

Many of the investors are from the classic energy companies or from operative units of the parent companies. These traditional companies also want to play an active role in the new energy world. With this new format, the Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt aims to bring together start-ups, investors and companies at the Energy Start-Up Networking Forum.

The Energy Start-Up Networking supports start-ups with

  • Building and networking
  • Finding mentors and investors
  • Discovering new ideas, themes and technologies
  • Understanding the particularities of the energy sector

The word start-up means that the company has been recently established, with its foot in the first phase of life as a business. Another important aspect of a start-up is the innovation degree, with which the founder and his ideas manage to convince and surprise. And the world of start-ups cannot exist without the search for the "next big thing". "Start-ups have, best case scenario, the above-average potential to grow" says GründerSzene.