Network meeting, CEO Breakfasts and Lunch - Intersolar Europe 2017

Under the framework of the Intersolar Europe 2017, Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt AG will host 3 exclusive events for its partners and cleints and organize a network meeting for women in the new energy world.


Novotel München Messe, opposite the exhibition ground

Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 81829 München

CEO Lunch: "Sales, Market, Sales, Market, Sales, Market"

Wed., 31.05.2017 from 12.00 - 13.30 hr

Karl-Heinz Remmer's market prognosis for the solar market stands at > 2,5 GWp for 2017 - the probability could actually be more - the already occuring bottlenecks in supply (no worries, there is more than enough capacity worldwide) are a confirmation of what is to come and soon the numbers will also be reflected officially by the authorities.

We want to look at things more accurately and find out why things are moving the way they are, as we have done at the Intersolar Breakfast 2016 and with out Vertriebstag in March 2017. To draw up a plan on how the market can expand with new ideas and marketing concepts, in a sustainable manner of course. This year we will take a closer look at the theme of digitalisation of sales and marketing, based on Jörn-Bo Hein's ideas from 2016. What works and what doesn't?
We also want to find answers for the questions that have popped up in terms of marketing concepts for large installers after the various changes to net metering and the insolvency of Sungevity.

With friendly support of HUAWEI

What is happening in Asia and how to capitalise on it?

Thurs, 01.06.2017 from 08:15 – 10:00 hr

The old chancellor Helmut Schmidt had been preaching through his active political years right up to his death to "look toward China, China will be big and will shift the global balance and to learn from China".

Before everyone realised it, he was clear that there was immense potential behind the thousand year-old nation and culture. Often the world looks at China and Asia with a certain arrogance, fear or even ignorance.However with such mentalities, the opportunity to learn from another culture dissipates. And with that the possibility of doing business. Shedding some light on how to do this positively in the fields of new energy and technology is Heraeus.

Andreas Liebheit will show us what the company is doing right, and importantly, the latest development and trends from China - in the storage segment and e-mobility.

With friendly support of Heraeus.

CEO Breakfast: "Why repowering means more than just installation repairs"

Fr., 02-06-2017 from 08.15 - 10.00 hr

"Repowering does not exist in the solar branch. At least not in the EEG or in the same breadth as repowerings in the wind sector".

Hence repowering then translates to "module exchange due to repair needs" - in other words because the module is defect, because of degradation or because they are not performing as they should.

This issue is a big problem for many operators, planned returns are not achieved and the power plants are not financially profitable. And then comes repowering on top of everything, new modules in exchange for defective ones.

There is an opportunity though: because of the probably higher efficiency of the newer crystalline modules from 2017, more space opens up for newer power plants.

The complicated scenarios, the chances and the way forward can be discussed with Sönke Jäger at the breakfast event on 2.6.2017.

With friendly support of ADLER Solar

Network meeting: Women in the new energy world

Thurs., 01.06.2017 from 12.00 - 13.30 hr

In 2016, the Austrian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management published a study on the equal opportunities for men and women in the energy world. The most important findings: women in a company: 19.3%. Women in leading positions in tier 1-3: 10.6%.

Rank 1-3 of the answers on the question on why women make up such a small percentage: "there is a scarcity of women with the right qualifications", "women are not visible in the energy sector", "there are no female role models in the energy branch who serve as influences for other women".

Come to the network meeting of the women in the new energy world. Make contacts and build your circle. Listen to elevator pitches of energy women and get to know them. Introduce yourselves. Put in your two cents worth.

We have about 20 minutes for elevator pitches, thereafter an exchange and networking over snacks and drinks.

With friendly support of Hypatia e.V. Netzwerk für Frauen in Erneuerbaren Energien, Cleantech and SMA Solar Technology.