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Quality for Photovoltaics

The Conference

Falling prices affect the photovoltaic modules as well as other system components (BOS). The pressure on prices leads to the decisive change of the PV market from a seller’s to a buyer’s market.

Where at the same time prices and production costs have to be low and customers need to be convinced by reliable products, there is the question of how to deal with quality in the industry. How much quality is required? How much is possible? These are main questions at “Quality for Photovoltaics”.

Module manufacturers, suppliers, system integrators, distributors, project developers and designers, installers, banks, insurers, lawyers, consultancies and testing laboratories are cordially invited to discuss these issues at our “Quality for Photovoltaics” conference. The workshop strives to encourage the development of standards for the industry.

The workshop will deal with the following topics:

  • Status quo of quality assurance for PV projects: What are the current standards, where are they lacking and why, what changes are needed? What quality standards and assurances do banks require before they will finance PV projects?
  • The challenge of forming a brand: How can quality for brand-managing be used in the photovoltaic industry?
  • Quality of Inverters: What is the current situation, what can be improved?
  • Energy Storage: Should the Quality debate start now?
  • The search for standards: Learning from other industry branches? Facts and figures from the actual practice: Quality standards and compliance – what is the situation in practice? Where are the problems with modules, balance of system (BOS) and system integration?

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