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SMEThermal 2013

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SMEThermal 2011 Berlin Start End

Meet the “who is who” of the solar thermal industry!

SMEThermal 2013 is Europe’s leading international industry conference
on the solar thermal sector. The one-day event offers unique
insights into the sector’s most recent developments, whether in process
optimisation, cost reduction strategies, new materials or the
design of collectors and tanks. More than 180 companies from all over
the world are expected to participate.

SMEThermal 2013 Hot Topics:

  • Solar system in 2020 – what will collectors and tanks look like?
  • Pros and cons of different materials and processes
  • What the financial sector expects from the industry
  • Standards and certification – on the way to international harmonisation
  • Market outlook in and outside Europe

SMEThermal is the ideal platform for bringing together the solar thermal industry’s key technical experts. Don’t miss this opportunity. Come and hear the experts. Boost your business and get in touch with the stakeholders.

Target groups: upstream value chain

  • Collector, absorber and coating manufacturers
  • Tank manufacturer
  • Material suppliers
  • Production equipment suppliers
  • Consultancy firms
  • Testing laboratories
  • R&D Engineering companies
  • Research institutions
  • Market analysts
  • Investors

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